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john boehner. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday, everybody. and a wonderful weeken this lets dish is all about making classic dishes with an inventive twist. we'll turn the original boston crème pie into to a chocolate raspberry cake, then our guest chef shows us his twist on bruschetta made with shrimp and and. >> >> >> awas it a tornado? no sir in ocean city say yes. come up, new reaction from students on campus. we are a football town and we love our ravens. but are you ready to embrace another team? i'm linda so. this one is more about ladies in lingerie. good morning, a possible tornado in ocean city. between the quake and irene,
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this now, ocean city hasn't caught a break. this is our second story in the queue. if you'll scroll down, you'll have the option of video or photo. click on the photo tab. you can enlarge those and see what is coming through. one photograph i want to show you in particular this morning. it is number two, it is a well defined funnel cloud, the most distinct photo we are going to have coming up in just a bit. a possible tornado in ocean city. charlie, the pictures say it all. it appears a possible tornado touched down in ocean city last night. the images are incredible. eyewitnesses there say they have never seen anything like it take a look at the picture the size of the tornado. moving over aisle of port bay.
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it left broken windows, and debris and furniture tossed from balconies. >> this roof was lifted off and carried right over to the beach. >> all the stones from the top of the building came cascading down like a waterfall, right in front of me. next came all the building material, right in front of me. there is some good news. no reports of injuries due to the storm. meteorologist justin burke explains more about the storm. >> this was ahead of the cold front itself. sometimes you can spin up some funnels, some indications by national weather service radar that there may have been some hook end signatures. check this out. this new picture here from kyle,
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within two hours, 13,000 views on twitter. i got this imimagine yesterday. kyle said his dad had come out to look at this thing and then he was oh, let's go inside. gone from ocean city this morning. 55 degrees, they had a 53 miles per hour wind yesterday. this one probably 20, 30 blocks away from where the storm actually passed. there are the winds they are talking about. right now look at traffic. we are accident-free in the city. and in baltimore county. that is a great way to start the morning. old port road looking south, traffic is flowing freely at this point, no problems to report. we are also doing okay, 95 south of caton. in the right lane, that should be wrapping up. in the next half hour. back to you.
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a deadly attack last night on a student in her dorm room. it happened at bruce state university around 8:00 last night. we go straight to shorery johnson. students are supposed to go to college to learn and seek a higher education. but this morning authorities are investigating a murder. last night a student was stabbed to death in her dorm. the victim was stabbed in the neck at least once. the student was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. campus security sent out a text message to students about the attack and encouraged people who may have seen anything to contact police. many on campus say it is also hard to believe. >> i came into one of the dorms, i know somebody here. i saw the girl to see if i could help and she was just in the
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hallway. i can't stabbed in the neck? -- >> stabbed in the neck? >> it looked like that. she was hurricane ireneing. i saw the blood on her side. i was like what can i do? it looked like it was too late. >> the victim's name has not been released. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. police are looking for a man they say broke into a student's apartment and sexually assaulted her. according to police, the victim awoke to the suspect touching her. it happened friday night at the leonard town apartment complex. along with most of the campus, it has a network of closed circuit tv cameras. the victims say they don't know the man at all. a man will be brought back
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to maryland from georgia. he is accused of murdering his twin brother. wally ali will be brought home. police have surveillance video of the brothers together at the mall back on august 22nd, 2007. days later a hiker found the brother's body on a trail about two miles from the mall. on facebook he writes quote you are still my brother. he will be forever misguide they are seen on the video together and then leaving the mall separately. then our suspect's time is unaccounted for, for a period of time,. >> police believe the murder happened and a search warrant has been served on their home. they have been accused of impersonating police officers and also stealing a handgun. one elderly man has been
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attacked and his dog killed. baltimore county police are now asking for your help. it happened at the dog park. where 85-year-old john thompson was getting his dog out of his car. a woman was putting her three dogs in the car to leave. thompson says they got loose, and he was bitten. and they attacked his small dog until it was dead. in other news, the former mayor of bel air and current town commissioner terry handley has been charged with stealing $5000. the court papers say that handley sold a ford focus and inflated the trade-in value of a 1987 chevy lumina. handley is due back in court last month. so far he has not filed for
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reelection. a huge drug bust in southeast baltimore. it is called operation brooklyn to the bay. early thursday morning the feds were rounding up 55 suspects suspected of pushing coke and heroin onto the street and we were the only tv station in town to see that operation go down this. gang had a huge footprint in this area. you can't take 55 people involved in criminal activity out of the community and not make a difference. that is our entire purpose. public safety, that is why we go to work every day. three men believed to be in baltimore are all wanted on federal drug charges. while 13 others remain on the street this morning. looks like people's voices and complaints are finally being heard. how much money you could be keeping in your pocket from the
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toll hikes. football with a bit of a twist. a long ray football league returns to the charm city. a live look this morning at downtown baltimore and the inner harbor. =f>
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this is something you don't see every day. wanderings pigs. yes, -- wandering pigs. yes, pot bell lid pigs are making themselves right at home. the black pigs are weighing in at about 100 pounds each and they are elusive. sneaky little swine, they have been able to evade capture. >> reporter: to something else some of you may think stinks. check out these temperatures
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this morning, coldest morning we have had since early may. what date of may? we'll check that out in just a bit. 50 right here in edgemere, and easton. buffered by the chesapeake bay. but once you get away from the waters, 44 millersville, 43 columbia. westminister, i am going to be watching you very closely this morning. 41 degrees right now. can we hit the 30s? perhaps. variable clouds, most of us generally clear. officially 47 at york. we have found 30s back near oakland. most of us in the 40s. sunrise 6:49. we are going to turn mostly cloudy. windy with a high only of 66. how about traffic? >> reporter: we have some sort of incident on the beltway near
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quarantine road so be careful as you pass. let's take a look at 95 near 195-6789 this is a view looking north. most of our traffic right now is heading southbound. no incidents in your way as you head south and no incidents on 95 toward the airport. this is the beltway near harrisburg expressway. we have a broken down car on the inner look of the jfx. be careful as you pass. drivers may soon be keeping some of their own money their pockets. originally, they wanted the bay bridge toll to go up to $8. that has now been bumped down to $4. and the $1.50 ez pass fee could be waived if you sues it more than three times in a month. are you a washington caps fan? if you are, you want to go to the o's game and see one of
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your favorite players doing something. plus one woman goes to extremes when fixing her husband's cup of coffee. a story you are going to have to see to believe. you are watching good morning maryland, first and only at 4:30 on this friday morning.
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4:46. five things you need to know before heading out the door this morning. the governor will receive a distinguished service award from the university of maryland. at camden yard tonight, washington caps captain will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. the caps play their first preseason game. and if you are looking for something to do this weekend, 2011, kicked off the day in downtown frederick. this features more than 18,000
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exhibits and more than 200 vendors. and the search continues for robyn gardner in aruba, the prosecutors office say they are going to reenact the version of the incident. and your casey anthony update for the day. she is going to be paying up for the investigation into caylee anthony's death. a florida judge says anthony must pay nearly $100,000 in costs. a julianne moore in july acquitted her of murdering her daughter. we all love our football and purple fridays. we are all adorned in purple today because it is the fridays before the ravens play. but are you ready to endorse a new uniform? what is causing all this linda? >> reporter: charlie, we know all the guys out there are ready for football. but are you ready for lingerie
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football? baltimore has a team called the baltimore charm. we got to meet the women of the team yesterday. they are going to play here tonight for their season opener. i know it is not hard to -- it is hard not to look. charlie, go ahead. but without all that protective gear, the ladies say they are in it for the real deal. the lingerie football league is in its second season. mariner arena will actually be broadcast live on the mtv 2 channel. this year the games are live. last year the games were a week behind schedule and only showed the highlights of the game. this year, you are getting to see the full action, not just a highlight. it is a lot more of an nfl college deal. game time tonight is 10:00 p.m. they play the orlando fantasy.
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tickets are available. they cost from $12 to $77. you get to pick your seat. is there an early line on the game, do you know? other news this morning. a florida woman is accused of repeatedly spiking her husband's coffee with xanax. donald gets found her spiking his coffee with xanax. >> i seriously don't think she was trying to kill me, i think she was just trying to cost me my job. >> melissa gets faced a judge on the charges. a lot happened since a new york couple tied the knot. their marriage survived a world war, has seen a man walk on the moon and the invention of the
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computer. this couple has been married 80 years. herman hofstetter is 100, elizabeth, cradle robber, she is now 102. we want to know what is their secret? the answer? goodman hat. four men hospitalized and several businesses evacuated after an attack by a swarm of about 80,000 bee in his southern california. the first victim was stung more than 60 times. the three other men were stung when they went to help the man. check out this surveillance video from new york. near buffalo, police say it shows timothy losing his cool at a restaurant. police say he was so upset about the dessert portion of his meal. you can see him take a swipe at something at the counter. taking swings and threatening workers with a mop. he has now been charged with
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assault. consumer news for you this morning. a t and t is getting ready for an inadditional launch of its faster 4 gnet work. it is set to debut sunday. the network will debut in chicago, dallas, houston and san antonio. netflix said customer backlash has been worse than expected. they have seen a huge decline in subscribers. users have also complained about less bang for the buck as the service is losing content deals and reducing its offering. how about a good deal right now? southwest airlines said it is going to double frequent flyer mileage points for customers who fly from baltimore, denver and
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phoenix this fall. earlier this year southwest revamped its rapid rewards loyalty program. instead of eight round trips it is going to set up new formulas based on how much passengers will spend when they travel with southwest. a new study finds scores for the a-- for the sat exams are down. leading scores were down three points, reaching an all time low. college board executives said they should serve as a wake up call and call to action on educators's park to improve college prep for high school students. time now for a quick check of your forecast. i got up this morning, took my dog out, had to go back in and get a little fleece. >> i was about to do that, i just wand the vest. >> you wanted to feel it? take it in? >> it just wakes you up in the
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morning. come on, who feels good this morning? 47 degrees. bonnie in parkville is matching that mark. we may drop another notch. our forecast low is 46. 50 in ocean city. after the 80s yesterday and the tornado still yet to be confirmed, we are looking at 45 detroit, 3 green bay and 20s international falls. this is our fall boundary off the coast. the dirty high means it is going to have a lot of cloudiness that is going to streak in here as well. unfortunately, that is going to keep our crystal clear sky limited. it is going to make you feel even cooler. we are looking for the clouds to try to fill badge in. our future radar, indicating a
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southern system tries to clip ocean city, southern maryland. there could be rain saturday interest sunday. 66 partly to mostly cloudy today, tonight we are back down in the 40s and we'll check out your extended forecast in the next half hour. now to the roads with tonya. >> the ramp from richie highway southbound to 100 westbound will be closed until mid fall. you'll have to use a detour there. traffic is flowing freely between dorsey and savage. no issues southbound as you make your way down to laurel. 85 south, south of the 95 split no issues or delays here. you should be good to go. back to you charlie. police say a troubling message being sent to anyone attempting to report mexican drug activity through the social media. plus taking a cruise is supposed to be fund.
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it turned deadly in norway and had 200 people running for safety. you are watching good morning maryland, first and only at 4:30. back in a bit.
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4:56. this morning activists are angry, all over this. television in syria has broadcast confessions by an army officer who defected to turkey. it's accused turkey of returning him to agents after being safe at a refugee camp in turkey. in mexico, two bodies were found, indications the victims were killed for speaking out against drug cartels. the bodies of a young man and woman were found hanging near a pedestrian bridge. i posters had a message that
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the two were killed for denouncing the cartel on a social network. two crew members were killed and nine injured on a cruise ship. cruise line officials say more than 200 passengers on the ship made it to safety, it is unclear what started the fire. or murder on a nearby campus this morning. police are investigating a deadly attack in a dorm room. we had the very latest in a live report. and this morning, people in ocean city can't stop talking about what they saw, sharing pictures this morning. we'll take a look. fruit for breakfast always a great idea. we have details about a cantaloupe recall coming up on this friday, september 16th. good morning maryland.
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weather is a big story, justin burke is here with a chilly start to the friday. >> reporter: we went from 80s to 40s. we had storms wrapped around annapolis yesterday afternoon. it really was the storm cluster on the eastern shore. in ocean city, his dad said all right, guys, look at this. rotating clouds dropped this funnel, and clear video we are going to show you more coming up in a moment. so stick around for that. it looks obvious there was definitely a touchdown. 47 in arnold, 499 in edgemere. we are still watching you. westminister -- 49 in edgemere. we are still watching you. westminister, could slip into the 30s. wind forecast out of the north. we'll actually mix more clouds

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